Last chance to get extra tax relief for 2013 – donate to charity

Last year on New Year’s eve, I got an email from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The email was titled pretty much the same as this post, and it is a reason I am writing this post too. These are the last few days that you can donate to charity and get some extra … Read more

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

The holiday season is in full swing. Kids are all hyped up about Santa, presents are being wrapped and office parties are taking place everywhere. The wonderful poem, “A Visit from St. Nicolas” or “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”, which was originally published anonymously in 1823, epitomizes how children still feel today about this magical … Read more

5 Great Gifts this Giving Tuesday

It’s Giving Tuesday!! Maybe it’s more an American thing, but it should be celebrated¬†world-wide. If we all share a little more on Giving Tuesday, then maybe we can make a difference ¬†and soon it could be a world celebrated day. Here are 5 great causes to check out this Giving Tuesday that are trying do … Read more