Business Lessons from a 14 Year Old

Business Lessons from a 14 Year Old

A 14-year-old student has come up with a clever way that every business can save money and help the environment at the same time. And regardless of whether your business is online or offline, you should consider implementing his idea!

Suvir Mirchandani has become an overnight sensation since he appeared on CNN detailing how he could save the U.S. government over $400- million annually, just by changing the font on their printed documents.

Suvir Mirchandani
Suvir Mirchandani

Mirchandani came to this conclusion after conducting an experiment similar to a Science Fair project that he had come up with for school. Conscientious about the amount of paper advertisements and hand-outs he was receiving in school, Suvir looked at ways to counter some of the environmental impact this flurry of paper was having.

With notable research already carried out in recyclable paper, along with double-sided printing, Suvir focused on the ink used instead.

In particular, Suvir looked at the fonts used. He conducted experiments on commonly used characters to record weights for popular fonts and determined the most cost-effective, while also reducing the impact on the environment.

He concluded that changing font setting, from the Times New Roman to the Garamond font, reduced ink usage by nearly 30% in the case of the US government. This could lead to a combined saving of $467- million if adopted by both federal and state governments.

If that’s not business acumen then I don’t know what is.

This 14-year-old studentĀ calculated a cost and usage analysis and returned, not only a massive saving for the American government, but also for any business leader ready to take advantage of his insight.


All businesses need to stream-line to make sure that efficiency and cost-effective measures are taken advantage of.

Whether you’re a small business owner who could save a few hundred dollars a year, or CEO of a massive corporation, who could save millions, you should consider implementing this small change.

Additionally, revisiting other day-to-day costsĀ and adapting a similar approach could lead to further savings. Presuming you’re ready to carry out the experiments that is.

If you have concerns about the impact this decision could have on your online presence, this is a non-starter. It is simple enough for your web developer to apply a different font to what is shown onscreen to what can be printed by a visitor.

In fact, visitors may find it a nice feature that you’re conscientious enough to consider reducing your customers ink usage and ultimately save them money.

Regardless of the size of your business, the savings far outweigh any effort or implementation costs associated with this one single action.

Take action and see if you can save your business money today!



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