Change Can Be A Good Thing

We all have dreams and aspirations. Hopes for the future, usually for a better life. Sometimes though, we can make the mistake of talking about our dreams and plans while doing nothing to help encourage the change that needs to take place. Ask most people how they feel about change and you will probably be … Read more

Monday Morning Motivation, well more like Monday Afternoon Motivation

Monday morning is a great time to make subtle changes in your routine that could affect real change for you in the long-term, especially if you’ve lacked in the motivation department lately. The start of each new week should be treated like the fresh start we make of each new year. Have you been putting … Read more

Kid President can make the world more awesome

Have you met Kid President yet? If you haven’t, you should seriously check out his videos on the Soul Pancake channel on YouTube!! Kid President, along with some of the cool kids he talks about, is the main reason that I have the “Kids Rock!” on my website. Kids are great, they do rock, and … Read more

Jim Rohn, the man every entrepreneur should know

Everybody needs mentors. No matter how much you try to do on your own,¬†you can always use a bit of help from someone “in the know”- meet Jim Rohn! There are few things I regret in life- but for some reason I regret not being around to meet certain people who have affected on my … Read more