Change Can Be A Good Thing

Change Can Be A Good Thing

Change happens, choose your route
Change happens, choose your route

We all have dreams and aspirations. Hopes for the future, usually for a better life. Sometimes though, we can make the mistake of talking about our dreams and plans while doing nothing to help encourage the change that needs to take place.

Ask most people how they feel about change and you will probably be told “Oh no, I like things just as they are”, “No change here please”, or something similar. But change happens every moment of every day and we are powerless to stop it.

The philosopher Heraclitus said “You can never step in the same river twice, for the waters are ever flowing on to you”.

Every experience or interaction we have in life forces us to change- whether our thoughts or deeds or even our very being.

Nothing remains the same.

This is why you should embrace change.

You should view it as a challenge. Something which could improve you and your life exponentially.

Trust me when I say that- I have experienced it, and have come out all the stronger on the other side, as millions throughout the world also have.

Four years ago, my life was in turmoil. Nothing but black clouds seemed to surround me.

A business partnership I was in was breaking up, none to nicely, and was having a knock-on effect on every aspect of my life.

Tears, anger, frustration and an over-whelming sense of inadequacy were swirling round my head daily and I felt powerless to stop them or to change them.

I knew I needed to make changes but I couldn’t see any options for my future other than continual failure.

Slowly, and I do mean slowly, the realization dawned on me that if anything were to change in my life it had to begin with me.

It had to start with the most basic of things- my daily interactions.

I don’t mean just who I talked to that day, but what I read about, heard about and watched on TV too. I felt nothing but misery and because that was how I felt, that was what I surrounded myself with too.

People I talked to would tell me all about the “horrible” things happening in their lives.

The TV that I watched was negative and though I thought I was great because I was keeping up with current events, these negative events would push me further into darkness.

The news is woeful for that. Watch 10 minutes of any news-cast and you’ll probably end up bitching and moaning about the state of the world too. Politicians wastefulness, crime rates on the rise, incomprehensible acts of cruelty, it’s downright depressing.

But that’s what I exposed myself to every day.

I started to change everything. Instead of watching a TV show or the news, I read something that I could learn from.

Didn’t matter if I didn’t know where the knowledge was going to bring me, all that mattered was that I was learning and getting away from the negativity.

Then my self-talk changed. Almost unconsciously, I started having positive conversations with myself. All the great things I was missing out on were suddenly so visible and real.

And the changes just kept coming.

Four years on from that break-through life-changing moment, I am a completely different person. The change I made, to remove such negativity, has brought nothing but endless opportunities for me.

That first big change has led to many more, and they will continue to happen for the rest of my days.

Now when times get tough, I know that I can acknowledge the changes and keep moving myself forward.

Change can be a great thing, once you accept the inevitable and guide how you want those changes to affect you.

Have you had an experience of major change in your life? Share what you’ve gained from the experience in the comments below.



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