Learn by Giving Foundation Announce Next Course Offering of Giving With Purpose

Learn by Giving Foundation Announce Next Course Offering of Giving With Purpose

The Learn by Giving Foundation has announced the next offering of Giving with Purpose, their highly popular M.O.O.C. (Massive Open Online Course) in philanthropy, will begin on April 2 2014.

If you’ve not signed up yet, I would wholeheartedly recommend you carpe diem and register today.

Giving with Purpose is a unique online course which teaches students how to better…

 … identify effective nonprofit organizations and apply course concepts by awarding grants to student-nominated nonprofits


The Learn By Giving Foundation aims to give people a better idea of what to look for when they are supporting any charitable organisation, it wants to educate the next generation of philanthropists in their decision-making.

In a recent LinkedIn article, Barry Salzberg, Global CEO of Deloite Touche Tohmatsu Limited, talked about a recent survey carried out on millennials. Among the top 5 things that they expect when they grow up is : Millennials expect businesses to care.

Businesses are becoming more and more philanthropic, and as the millennials expect it, it will become the norm for all businesses.

This is where online courses such as Giving with Purpose become so important.

As this movement grows and businesses embrace giving, courses like Giving with Purpose and their availability to anyone, anywhere will only thrust the millennials expectations onto us a bit faster.

The course, which is offered by over 30 universities, is presented by Rebecca Riccio along with a host of celebrity philanthropists and business figures. They highlight what they look for in a philanthropic organisation they choose to support.

But the interesting story is the background. On the Board of Directors sits none other than, Doris Buffet. Older sister to businessman extraordinaire Warren Buffet. This family has business running through their veins.

Doris Buffet is some woman!

She’s on a mission to give away every cent of a fortune she made back in 1996.

That’s some mission!

In fact Doris ‘wants the last check she writes to bounce due to “insufficient funds.” ‘

It is entirely within this spirit that Giving with Purpose works.

The course collaborates with students throughout the entirety and offers the students the opportunity to nominate any charitable organisation which they feel reflects the R.I.S.E. framework which is used as the basis for the course.

If their charitable organisation is selected it will receive a substantial donation from the Learn by Giving Foundation. Unfortunately,only charities based in the U.S., are eligible for nomination currently.

This is the second offering of Giving with Purpose and this time the Learn by Giving Foundation has teamed up with edX and Northeastern University.

The edX platform is offering the course in two ways. The first, if you can’t commit to following along as the course progresses, you can “audit” it and have access to the course, assignments, and forums in your own time. The second, is the chance to earn a personalized certificate, if you complete the course in real-time and abide by the edX Honor Code.

Here’s what Josh Funk at the Huffington Post College said when announcing the Giving with Purpose when it was offered in July 2013.

This is a great opportunity for all of us to learn from some of the best, and help to make a real difference in the world.

I’ve signed up, have you?


Register today for the next Learn by Giving class
Register today for the next Giving with Purpose class







Update: This article has been edited – the date of the next Giving with Purpose edX course is now April 2nd 2014- not March 26 as originally stated here.

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