New Year- time for some resolutions for your business too

New Year- time for some resolutions for your business too

A New Year is here and there is, quite possibly, no better time to say goodbye to the old and set some new resolutions for you and your business.

The world is talking about their new year’s resolutions. Family, friends and neighbors all enquire about the changes we are making in our lives.

Everywhere we are prompted to make changes, but do your resolutions usually last?

This is the perfect time of year to lay out your hopes for the coming 12 months, and writing them down can help you to realize them easier.

If you’re focusing on building your business, then you should be using these days to set out some business plans and lay a solid foundation to help your business grow indefinitely.

At the same time, you should be working out some plans to help you personally too.

Whether it’s a plan for your education and skills development or readying yourself for the next round of light bulb moments, there simply is no better time to get everything jotted down.

Top of my new year’s resolutions list this year, is a positive affirmation for myself.

“I can do anything, once I put my mind to it!”

A positive affirmation can help us to reach any goal we set.

New Year resolutions are not just about finding a new love or losing some weight, they’re also about pushing yourself forward to the next level of dreams.

Dreams can come true. It’s just that they don’t usually come true unless you’re willing to give a hand.

Take some time today, and over the coming days, to list the things that you really want to do in the next 12 months.

By all means put “become a millionaire” top of that list, but make sure you also list what you are going to do to reach that goal. Or consider revising that to “I’ll gain financial freedom”, it may be a little easier to attain.

Set down one big new thing that you are willing to learn every month, and stick with it.

Set out 5 smaller steps you’re going to take every month to help yourself reach your goal. And make sure you are working on those goals too.

Big things don’t happen until you put the small steps in place.

So my real resolution is that I am going to develop new skills to complement not only my business but also my personal being too.

Topics that I have put off as the holidays approached have already been jotted down and a plan for them is forming.

Nothing can go anywhere without a plan to support its development.

Dream about what you see as your end goal, then break it down into handy bite size chunks that you can build daily and not only further your business but also your person.

If you want to learn how to build a website, then yes look into WordPress, but also consider putting on that resolution list to learn HTML5.

If you want to learn social media, then yes open that Facebook account, but also consider the many other forms of social media that you can use too.

If you want to become a master marketer, then resolve to look into the history of advertising and how new media has affected sales teams.

So often new resolutions are forgotten or left by the wayside within a few days of their being made. You can control how long they will stay active by resolving to be more determined and focused on your business.

Start right now by sitting back, wherever you are, and dreaming about your future.

Then plant your feet firmly on the ground and start developing your plan to get there!

What does it look like?

More importantly, what are you going to do to turn that dream into your reality?

Now go forth, and make it happen!

Happy New Year everyone!


Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!



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