New Year- time for some resolutions for your business too

Happy New Year!

A New Year is here and there is, quite possibly, no better time to say goodbye to the old and set some new resolutions for you and your business. The world is talking about their new year’s resolutions. Family, friends and neighbors all enquire about the changes we are making in our lives. Everywhere we … Read more

Net Neutrality will affect us all

net neutrality could lock down the free speech we enjoy

I’m worried about the future of the internet. I’m worried that decisions taken by the US Court of Appeals and the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will have far-reaching, and world-wide repercussions. I’m worried that if we don’t take a stance in support of net neutrality now, we’ll lose any chance of using our voices in … Read more

Business Lessons from a 14 Year Old

A 14-year-old student has come up with a clever way that every business can save money and help the environment at the same time. And regardless of whether your business is online or offline, you should consider implementing his idea! Suvir Mirchandani has become an overnight sensation since he appeared on CNN detailing how he … Read more

My First (real) Job and What I Learned

  When I was 15, I decided that I wanted a job in a local cafe. A few of my friends worked there, I had spent time there and decided I wanted to take the next logical step and apply for a job. I went and prepared my first C.V., comprising mainly of babysitting jobs … Read more

Monday Morning Motivation, well more like Monday Afternoon Motivation

Monday morning is a great time to make subtle changes in your routine that could affect real change for you in the long-term, especially if you’ve lacked in the motivation department lately. The start of each new week should be treated like the fresh start we make of each new year. Have you been putting … Read more

Craig Chamberlin's Introduction to WordPress Week Well Worth a View

Craig Chamberlin is the man behind the PCM Tech Help Show. It’s a tech related show that covers many topics. Recently Craig added a video section on WordPress, specifically an Introduction to WordPress and regardless of whether you’re a newbie to WordPress or a seasoned pro, they are well worth a view. WordPress is a … Read more

Jim Rohn, the man every entrepreneur should know

Everybody needs mentors. No matter how much you try to do on your own, you can always use a bit of help from someone “in the know”- meet Jim Rohn! There are few things I regret in life- but for some reason I regret not being around to meet certain people who have affected on my … Read more

5 Record Keeping Tips for your Business

I want to help you stay as organised as possible with your business so let’s talk about the side of business that most people don’t particularly like doing, or even talking about- paperwork or  record keeping. No matter how big or small your business, there are minimum requirements for everyone when it comes to the records … Read more