My First Triathlon part of my Life List- part 1

I have a goal that I am pursuing really hard- to compete in a triathlon.

My triathlon goal came about after I took up running last year. I took part in a couple of runs- 5 km and 10 km, and I really enjoyed myself. I enjoyed the training, the races themselves and really enjoyed how I felt in myself for achieving something that I would never have believed possible.

I took a break during the winter months and decided that this year I was going to push myself harder.

At the end of April this year, 2014, I quit smoking. I was a heavy smoker for about 20 years and quitting was another of my life list goals.

When I quit smoking I decided I was going to get back into training again really make the most of being a non-smoker.

I started back with it all, and have already done a couple of 5 kms this year and am working towards the Great Pink run, a 10 km, at the end of August.
Before I go any further I want to explain and make sure you all know- I am not an athlete. I run for fun and enjoy it immensely. It’s also a great stress reliever, I love pounding out my stresses.

I (happily) admit to you here and now, I am overweight. I’m 5 foot 1 and ½ inches, and when I last weighed myself I came in at 170.3 lbs.

That does not matter though!!

The weight loss will come in time, the more important thing is achieving something I have always wished I’ve been able to do, completing a triathlon.

For my first attempt at a triathlon I’ll be participating in a Try-a-Triathlon. This is a 250 m swim, followed by a 6 km cycle and then a 3 km run- very achievable for a beginner like me. This triathlon takes places on Aug 16 2014.

Following this first triathlon, I’m planning one more before the season ends for the winter.

And over the winter I’ll be maintaining my training and continuing towards the main crux of my Life List Triathlon goals….

I’m working towards the half IronMan (70.3) 2015 and full IronMan 2016 which will both be held for the first time in Dublin.

I’ve started a new video series to help explain why I’m doing this along with how I’m going about my training.

Join with me on this exciting journey that will change my life and maybe yours too?

And remember I can do anything, you can do anything, we can do anything, we just have to set our minds to it and go for it.




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